Samosa …The Arabic Way

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Lime And Lemon

Before i start about the recipe … i need to apologize for not posting anything for a while .. and to thank everyone for the emails and comments asking about my absence … there are a couple of reasons for this .. one of which you all will find out soon … so thanx again for everyones concern …

So i know everyone is used to eating samosa and if not then at least have tried it once … this is a little different than the regular one .. living in the UAE i know that the cuisine here is influenced a lot by the Indian cuisine … so here the traditional recipes are biryani, samosa and others .. most of it is taken form the Indian cuisine .. but a little different … the spices, and the method of cooking is a little different .. In this recipe the…

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Amjad test cook

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وقفه أحتجاجيه أمام مشيخه الازهر 18-4-2011

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قوانين الاحوال الشخصيه

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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

بما أنه لا حياء فى العلم فأن الامانه تقتضى أن نصف الواقع كما هو حتى يتسنى لنا فهمه و من ثم مواجهته